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Services provided by our company include: pre-sale services, the sale of services, after-sales service, emergency repair services.
3.1.1 Pre-sale services
On the demand side there is no need to implement before, sales engineers and structural engineers of our company will co-project manager and supervising engineer and Party to discuss performance, structure and matters need to pay attention to the product; at the same time make the advantages of our products and characteristics of the demand side, save time, save the cost of the program, and to discuss the feasibility of the program and the actual results, determine implementation.
3.1.2 The sale of services
Our engineering services for the implementation of project management system, a comprehensive body of scientific management system, by a dedicated project manager to project a unified command and effective management to ensure the construction quality and progress.

Meanwhile, in the construction process, sales engineers and structural engineers will need to design the Division I and the actual drawing of the requested Party to make a timely response, we encountered the need to change the design or increase, replacement parts to coordinate and resolve specific situations.
3.1.3 Service Our services aim is to "first use, life-long service" on the site has been completed, the first is a "strict self-test", installation of the firm failed to rework reinstalled. For each station can become a model of good quality stations. Division I with independent and standardized customer service center, 24-hour service hotline, after-sales service of our engineering services in addition to the regular staff, but also the addition of another two technical assistance rapid response team, the head of the college more educated and experienced professional structural engineer to play, each team are supporting two technical staff have graduated from technical school in more than 2 years of skilled installers. If Party have any questions or requirements can call the service hotline, our Party will be on demand or emergency phone calls, respond in one hour, in 4 hours rushed to the scene to solve the problem.
1.3.3 improve the service visit system. Our customer service center has a dedicated customer assistants will (once or twice a month) under construction or have been completed for the client, whether or not there is a demand, both regular visit. The Party of complaints, praise and suggestions recorded one by one, depending on the size of the problem to solve them within the commitment period, and adhering to advantage in future work to correct deficiencies.
1.3.4 Our commitment to general warranty period is 12 months, according to the demand side can extend the warranty period, and whether it is under warranty or the warranty period, our company can provide quality service.
3.1.4 Emergency Response fault repair service
Our emergency service after receiving the fax or telephone the demand side, in half an hour to respond, 2.5 hours to the scene. Maintenance requirements for the demand side, we will need to repair the actual project content maintenance program for the first time by our project engineers and structural engineers, together with demand-side management to discuss the feasibility of the program, both sides confirmed, repair immediately. Please demand side, together with supervisors to be inspected after the service is completed, after passing the sign submissions.
3.2 National Service
I Division in the country set up offices in more than 20 long-term, to coordinate the handling of the affairs after the end of the period and the duration of construction to provide a convenient and personalized service for the demand side. Office staff a basic configuration includes business people, marketers, a structural engineer and a designer and a skilled professional and technical workers; with a truck; and a 24-hour service hotline at the company headquarters in Shenzhen, in order to anytime, anywhere to efficiently meet service requirements at different stages of the demand side.

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