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Caring for employees concerned about the health - Company organization full examination
Publisher:Administrator       Release Time:2015-06-01

"People-oriented, sincere caring staff." This is not a simple thing, but a real initiative. Recently, the company carefully organized all employees an annual health examination, so that employees keep abreast of their own health, to protect the health of employees has played an important role.
        To ensure that every employee can participate in the examination, a comprehensive understanding of the health of employees, the company made arrangements according to the work of various departments, embassies and can choose the spot examination, which greatly facilitates employees. With contemporary urban life, speed up and increase the pace of work pressures, one if not scientific self-adjustment and self-protection, it is easy to enter the sub-health state. The company has always attached great importance to the health of employees, adhere to an annual physical examination is an important organization staff jobs effectively safeguard the interests of employees.
        This action truly reflects the company really care for employees' health, so that employees truly feel the warmth of enterprises, care. Companies hope that the majority of employees in hard work, exercise, and enhance physical fitness, to energetic body, to meet the challenges to the health of body and mind active into work.

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