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Chengdu Military Region in full swing in the China-Burma border joint air-ground live ammunition exercises
Publisher:管理员       Release Time:2015-06-01
June 2, according to the Defense Department web site, June 2, the Chengdu Military Region, the participating units in full swing in the direction of the China-Burma border joint air-ground live ammunition exercises to test troops rapid mobility, multi-dimensional reconnaissance, precision destroyed, the Joint Strike , three-dimensional attack capability, as well as national defense mobilization, militia and reserve forces support capabilities.

Chengdu Military Command Operations Division 唐吉兵 Colonel presentation, organized combat troops to carry out targeted training is an effective way to enhance the combat capability of the joint force, but also to safeguard national security and border air defense of life and property safety of actual needs. The exercise will take randomly assigned to the exercise area and other targets in a flexible manner and continue to promote.
It is understood, including aviation, artillery, air defense, aviation, armor, infantry, and so on radar to guide the various branches of the military forces, including the participating units, close to the combat missions and combat environment, the whole exercise in accordance with the actual requirements of the organization. Local Party and government departments, national defense mobilization mechanism and some militia also participated in the exercise-related activities.

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